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Is Run With the Wind Good or Worth Watching?

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Is Run With the Wind Good or Worth Watching Haiji Kiyose

Run with the Wind is originally a Japanese novel that was adapted into a manga, a live-action series, and an anime. It is a sports anime about relay marathon. But is Run with the Wind good or worth watching?

The sports anime focuses on Kakeru, who is known as a former elite runner. He was chased for stealing food but was saved by Haiji, a runner from Kansei University.

Haiji encouraged Kakeru to live in an old dormitory along with other runners for the Hakone Ekiden relay marathon.

Kakeru agreed and eventually found out that all the other runners, except Haiji, are novices.

Should You Watch Run With the Wind?

Should You Watch Run with the Wind Kakeru Haiji
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All anime fans, not just sports anime fans, will appreciate Run with the Wind as it does not only focus on relay marathons; it has other genres and themes as well.

The anime has comedy and drama with 10 unique characters that will win over the viewers' hearts.

The story has character development, especially on Kakeru’s side as he grows from an angry college student to a calm and mature person.

Haiji might have the most impossible dream of winning the relay with novice teammates, but his determination will get the viewers hooked on the anime.

The huge number of characters might be overwhelming considering that they are not of a similar age or college, but each character is given a special episode so viewers can learn more about them and appreciate their importance in the story.

Why Is Run With the Wind Worth Watching?

Why Is Run With the Wind Worth Watching Haiji
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The anime was produced by Production I.G, the same studio that made hit anime series such as Haikyuu!! and Psycho-Pass. This explains why the animation and tone of Run with the Wind are excellent.

Surprisingly, the anime does not have the same cliché elements as other sports anime.

In fact, the progression of the story and its characters is relatable, even for non-athletes.

There are simple but heartwarming stories in Run with the Wind whose messages inevitably tug at the viewers' hearts.

Run with the Wind is definitely a must-watch anime. It might appear like a simple sports anime, but it will make viewers watch until the end and gain lessons they can take with them even after finishing the show.

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