Is King Charles a Bully? Prince William and Harry’s Dad Enjoyed Bullying Staffers, Book Claims

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Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles was bullied at school, but he was also a bully, according to a new book. Christopher Andersen spoke with those who worked with the new King for his new tome, The King: The Life of Charles III, and there were surprising revelations.

King Charles' Clearly Enjoyed' Bullying Staffers, A New Book Claims

New details about the new monarch will be out in Andersen's new book. The author claimed to have spoken to several staffers who served King Charles.

According to them, the gardening staff at Highgrove estate were expected to live up to his standards. The head gardener would reportedly wake up with a list of "instructions and complaints written by his boss in red ink."

King Charles would allegedly stand on his port, and if he wasn't satisfied with the landscapers' work, he would bark orders at them through his green megaphone.

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"For someone who said he was bullied as a child, Prince Charles clearly enjoyed bullying us," a Highgrove staffer told Andersen, Page Six reported. "He could be pleasant and courteous, but just as much of the time, he was moody and mean. He didn't think twice about shouting insults at you if you put a foot wrong."

King Charles' former valet, Ken Stronach, who was in charge of hand-washing the then-prince's underwear and tucking him into bed with his beloved teddy bear, also recounted a time when His Majesty allegedly grabbed him. King Charles reportedly lost his temper after losing one of his cufflinks.

"Unable to find the missing jewelry, a wild-eyed Prince of Wales spun around and grabbed his valet by the throat. Stronach broke free, darted out a side door — and into a linen closet," Andersen wrote.

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King Charles Was Bullied As A Kid, According To His Ex-Schoolmate

King Charles' former classmate Johnny Stonborough opened up about their time at school. They were not in the same house but were in the same class for some years.

According to him, the monarch's experience with the bullies was "pretty harsh." He recalled King Charles being thumped and beaten up on the rugby pitch.

"It was quite harsh. He was badly bullied and very isolated," Stonborough said on Good Morning Britain, Mirror reported.

"We felt pretty sorry for him even at the time, but the problem was that even trying to be friends with him meant that you then got bullied for being one of the King's friends. It was a pretty harsh environment."

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Did King Charles Hint About His Bullying Experiences In Previous Speeches?

King Charles seemingly hinted about his experiences in school in his House of Lords speech in the 1970s.

"I am always astonished by the amount of rot talked about Gordonstoun and the careless use of ancient clichés used to describe it. It was only tough in the sense that it demanded more of you as an individual than most other schools did - mentally or physically," he said, per Mirror. "I am lucky in that I believe it taught me a great deal about myself and my own abilities and disabilities. It taught me to accept challenges and take the initiative."

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In another interview, King Charles mentioned that he didn't enjoy school as much. However, he noted that he was happier at home than anywhere else. He also acknowledged the things that he learned from school.

"But Gordonstoun developed my willpower and self control, helped me to discipline myself. We went in for 'adventure'. We ran our own fire brigade, we had our own sea rescue service, mountain rescue, surf life-saving, coastguard, etc.," he said.

The King: The Life Of Charles III will hit shelves on Nov. 8.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles.

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