Hyakuemu Release Date Predictions: All We Know About Iwaisawa’s Sports Anime Film

hyakuemu release window
Credit: Uoto, Kodansha/Hyakuemu. Film Partners

hyakuemu release window
Credit: Uoto, Kodansha/Hyakuemu. Film Partners

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The world of sports anime is about to get a thrilling new addition as Hyakuemu’s release window has been confirmed, along with more information, including key staff and its production studio.

With a genre known for its compelling stories, dynamic animation, and emotional depth, this new project promises to capture the spirit of athleticism and the personal journeys of its characters.

Sports Anime Film Hyakuemu Confirms Release Window

Hyakuemu is an upcoming sports film set for a 2025 release in Japan. So far, only a small selection of concept artworks have been revealed.

The film is based on Uoto's original manga of the same name serialized online in Kodansha's Magazine Pocket app and website between November 2018 and August 2019. It published five tankobon volumes.

Pony Canyon, Asmik Ace, and the Tokyo Broadcasting System have been confirmed to produce the film. Meanwhile, Kenji Iwaisawa's Rock 'n' Roll Mountain studio is in charge of animating Hyakuemu.

Keisuke Kojima will serve as the film’s animation director and character designer; Keikankun Yamaguchi is the art director; and Akane Taketsugu is producing the film.

Following the success of ON-GAKU: Our Sound, director Kenji Iwaisawa, along with other key staff, returned to Annecy Festival's Work in Progress session this year to discuss the film.

Hyakuemu Release Date Predictions

As of writing, Hyakuemu has no definite release date, so fans will have to wait for more information in the following months.

The good news is that Hyakuemu has been confirmed to be released sometime in 2025, so the wait may be shorter than expected, with the film perhaps arriving early next year.

After all, Kenji Iwaisawa's previous film, ON-GAKU: Our Sound, opened in Japan on January 11, 2020.

It took six months for Kenji Iwaisawa's previous film to premiere in the US; if Hyakuemu's worldwide release follows suit, it could arrive in the US around Summer 2025.

What We Know about Hyakuemu’s Story

Hyakuemu centers around Togashi, a gifted young man with an innate ability for running.

During sixth grade, Togashi meets a transfer student called Komiya, who wants to win 100-meter races like Togashi but lacks the necessary techniques.

As the plot unfolds, Togashi and Komiya will soon be reunited as rivals on the track.

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