How the Star Wars Prequels Led to Cowboy Bepop Getting Made

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Cowboy Bebop is considered by many to be one of the finest anime ever made, while also having one of the best English dubs to ever grace our ears. Seriously, Steve Blum is the voice of Spike Spiegel to many and no one can blame them for that. The way this anime mixed sci-fi with the wild west and other genres was always so entertaining, so fans probably aren't too shocked to know that Star Wars was one reason why it was made.

The Star Wars prequels actually.

Shinichiro Watanabe, the man who made this glorious series, revealed in an interview with Otaquest that talks of Star Wars coming back is why his pitch for the series was accepted. Considering how hyped everyone was for Star Wars: Episode I, it's easy to see why people would try and capitalize on the momentum.


Kind of funny how Cowboy Bebop is a much better product than The Phantom Menace but let's not be too mean. Anyway, here is Watanabe's full statement:

"There was a very real buzz on the streets in regards to a "Star Wars" revival which had everyone excited. This piqued the interest of Bandai's toy division in producing something with spaceships as a central element — they thought both the series and affiliated merchandise would sell well. That's why the offering of my "Bebop" project was taken."

While everyone is still hyped for Star Wars: Episode IX, fans are equally excited (and nervous) for the Cowboy Bebop Netflix show. It's live-action after all and we can only hope that it's a good time for everyone involved.

As of this writing, the Cowboy Bebop remake doesn't have a release date. Star Wars: Episode IX comes out on December 20.

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