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How Old is Ai Ohto From Wonder Egg Priority?

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Wonder Egg Priority is one of the many anime that has incredible layouts and outstanding animation. Each fight scene is as intense as the other because of the design and visuals. The series also tackled painful topics that made it stand out from other series that focus on magic.

The main protagonist of the show is Ai Ohto. She a self-described shut-in who no longer goes to school after her only friend, Koito, died. She was also bullied because of her heterochromia, in which the right iris has a different color than the other. This is usually common for cats. Throughout the series, fans will see how Ai goes on various missions to save her friend. But how old is she anyway? 

How Old is Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority?

How Old is Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority? 1
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Ai is 14 years old. Despite her young age, she has to face a lot of things like bullying and guilt over the death of her friend. She is generally introverted because of her heterochromia. As a victim of bullying, she is self-deprecating. She blamed herself when her friend died and did everything she can to save her friend, even if it means fighting Seeno Evils and putting her life in danger. 

Throughout the series, fans will see some changes in Ai. She started making friends, girls who do the same thing to save special people in their lives. She also learned to protect the people she cares about. 

To succeed in her missions, Ai gained a weapon which is actually a multi-colored pen that transforms into a mace. Although her skills are obviously underdeveloped, the weapon can generate strong blows to the opponent. In each mission, Ai can get other weapons from the Egg Girl, or the person she is saving. One example is the ribbon from Minami that turned into a whip or the pen-lights from Mako and Miko that turned into sabers. 

She was also given a pomander, a creature that becomes a chameleon after it was hatched. It became her wonder animal that helped her during her missions. 

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