Hot Wheels Live-Action Film in the Works from J.J. Abrams

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We’re now at the age where several video game and toy properties are getting film adaptations as Hollywood studios are seeking more valuable IPs that can be turned into giant franchises. Whether they have been successful or not so far, there is no denying that they all have the potential to have the populist appeal given their recognition as brands. Now, it looks like another popular toy line is making its way to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions will produce a live-action feature film based on the Hot Wheels toy line for Mattel Films and Warner Bros. The exact plot details are unknown, but the project is described as: “The high-throttle action film will bring to life this beloved, multi-generational franchise and showcase some of the world’s hottest and sleekest cars, monster trucks and motorcycles.”

“Before Hot Wheels became the global household name it is today, it was the dream of Elliot Handler, who was inventing and building toy cars at home in his Southern California garage. It’s that imagination, passion and risk-taking spirit that we want to capture in this film,” Hannah Minghella, Bad Robot’s president of motion pictures, said in a statement.

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In case you’re still not familiar with the toy line, Hot Wheels is a toy line of scale model cars and slot car racing kits introduced by Mattel in 1968. It is the no. 1 selling toy in the world with over 8 billion vehicles sold. The brand has also partnered with several brands in industries such as automotive, fashion, entertainment, gaming, sports, and many more. Even though it was originally intended for kids at the beginning, it became popular with adult collectors.

Given their decades-long popularity, it is inevitable at this point that there will be attempts on making a live-action feature film based on Hot Wheels. Abrams’ involvement in the project adds its prestige, especially with their experience in making franchise films in the past. It would be interesting to see how the film will end up looking whether it will be ad the level of the Fast and Furious films or it will be like the panned Need for Speed film adaptation.

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There is no release date set yet for the Hot Wheels film as it is still in early development.


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