Here's Why Rex Tried to Resist Order 66 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars might be over but there are still some questions that fans are asking about the animated series. For instance, people are still wondering why Captain Rex was somehow able to resist Order 66 briefly before he started firing at Ahsoka Tano. Interestingly, the answer may have been answered by the show a long time ago.

In Shattered, Rex, Ahsoka, and their Clone Troopers were already on their way to Coruscant to surrender the captive Maul to the Jedi Council when Darth Sidious contacted Rex to execute Order 66. Although Rex accepted the order, he clearly struggled as he faced the confused Ahsoka and he even managed to tell her to "find Fives" before ultimately firing at the former padawan.

But why was Rex able to stop himself long enough to allow Ahsoka to escape while the other Clone Troopers immediately sprang into action? It might have something to do with what Rex already knew about the Inhibitor chip that has been implanted in all the Clones. In the sixth season, Fives was the one who was looking into Tup's case where the latter's chip had malfunctioned and caused him to assassinate a Jedi. Unfortunately, Fives was also killed before he could tell Rex the truth and it was something that has left Rex to be wary of the chip.

Rex's own knowledge and distrust of the chip may have helped him put up a fight against his own programming long enough to warn his own friend. Needless to say, Ahsoka was lucky to have Rex with her when Order 66 was executed.

Do you agree that Rex was able to resist Order 66 because of his knowledge about the Inhibitor chips? Sound off in the comments below.

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