Here's Why Black Panther 2 Should NOT Bring Killmonger Back

We already know that Black Panther 2 is coming but will the sequel actually bring back the first film's Big Bad? It's no secret that fans have been hoping that Eric Killmonger will return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick. However, there are several good reasons why this shouldn't happen and it's not just because the character is already dead.

Black Panther introduced Killmonger as a truly terrifying adversary for T'Challa because he was intelligent and strong at the same time. The villain even had one of the most powerful death scenes in the MCU, choosing to die rather than be saved by his cousin. With that in mind, people probably shouldn't expect to see Killmonger again in Black Panther 2. Nevertheless, fans are continuing to call for the return of Michael B. Jordan in the new movie.

But why should Marvel avoid resurrecting Killmonger? Screenrant points out that this wouldn't make any sense for several reasons. For one, the character has already been killed off. In addition to that, he didn't have enough interactions with the surviving characters to appear in any flashback scenes.

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Perhaps the only cameo that Jordan can do in Black Panther 2 would be if T'Challa takes another trip to the Astral Plane. However, with all the heart-shaped herb gone, it's also unlikely that the King of Wakanda will take that risk. With that in mind, there's simply no way for Killmonger to return.

Black Panther 2 is already scheduled for release on May 6, 2022.

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