Henry Cavill Possibly Confirmed His Return as Superman in Upcoming DCEU Film

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There was a time when people were worried that Henry Cavill has followed Ben Affleck's lead and decided to leave the DC Extended Universe. However, it has since been confirmed that the Justice League actor has not abandoned his cape just yet. In addition to that, Cavill has teased that he might soon be working on a new DCEU flick this year.

Back in 2018, there were reports suggesting that Cavill might not reprise his role as the Man of Steel. Luckily, the actor himself confirmed last year that his Superman cape is still in his closet. Now, Cavill is revealing that his busy schedule still gives him enough time to return as the DC superhero.

A new report from Heroic Hollywood explores several reasons why Cavill is set for a comeback as the Man of Steel in the near future. For instance, the actor was asked if his schedule working on The Witcher Season 2 means that he doesn't have time to focus on other projects. Interestingly, Cavill stated that he could squeeze in another major project into his schedule.

"You've got to keep in mind that regardless of what movies I'll be doing over the next few years, you can fit two projects into one year," Cavill had said.


This doesn't confirm that Cavill is already preparing for Man of Steel 2 or even an appearance in Shazam! 2 just yet. On the other hand, it's great to know that he is open to working on a new project after the Netflix series.

Cavill will return as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Season 2, which is expected to premiere on Netflix next year.

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