HBO Max is Reportedly Listening to the Fans Ramping Up the Snyderverse Discussions

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Fans continue to ask for the restoration of the Snyderverse after seeing the Snyder cut of Justice League. Many people want to see the Knightmare scene and the battle against Darkseid, as well as other movies for the characters, including Deathstroke and Batman. The release of Godzilla vs. Kong may seem like the WB is hoping that it can deflect some of the attention away from Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Snyder's Justice League has dominated the media and social media conversations over the past two weeks. This led to renewed and emboldened calls from fans asking to see the continuation of what else has to be seen after the four-hour movie. With how the film set up the end, it is not entirely a surprising detail that many fans want to see more.

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Hollywood scooper and tipster Mikey Sutton said that some WB executives are in a state of disbelief of what has happened and how things are playing out. The existence of the Snyder Cut and its success has further emboldened fans.


It is quite hard to determine the exact numbers that Snyder's Justice League made, compared to box office returns where it is easy to spot. However, Bloomberg revealed that AT&T's HBO Max had the biggest increase among all streaming platforms at the week when Snyder's Justice League was released. The data showed that HBO Max even surpassed Disney+ and Netflix.

HBO Max had an 8.9 percent increase in users launching the app and the app downloads rose to 64 percent. Sutton noted that insiders on HBO Max are currently considering having multiple spin-offs from the Snyder cut, beyond just the sequels of Man of Steel, Justice League, and Ben Affleck's Batman prequel.

Currently, Zacks Snyder's Justice League is still streaming on HBO Max.

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