Hasbro Reveals Star Wars Black Series Cad Bane

The great thing about Star Wars toys is they can give us live-action renditions of animated characters. One fan-favorite from The Clone Wars is bounty hunter Cad Bane, and Hasbro has just unveiled their figure for him in the Star Wars Black Series.

These come from Yakface.com:

Besides coming with his signature pistols, Cad Bane also has his droid sidekick TODO 360. While we know that Westerns have always had an influence on Star Wars, Bane is clearly one of those tributes to the Old West gunslinger. He even comes with a hat and a trench coat. It's unclear if the hat can come off, but I'd think that Hasbro would want to bank in on Bane's face and release a figure of him in disguise as a clone trooper.

This set is said to be an exclusive, but it's likely that you can get Bane alone at some point down the line. With him getting a figure, I'm sure fans are now hoping they can get more bounty hunters in their collections like Aurra Sing or teen Boba Fett.

With Clone Wars ended, a lot of people are wondering when we're going to see Bane next. With The Mandalorian having some incoming TCW characters, you'd think Bane would be the perfect fit for that show. Maybe they can have him in other series? How awesome would it be if he was the main antagonist of the Kenobi miniseries?

For now, fans wait for the release of The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ this October.

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