Harry Potter: Ralph Fiennes Doesn't Want Anyone Else Playing Voldemort

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Though the Fantastic Beasts franchise is leaning on Grindelwald as its main villain, he still hasn't held a candle to Wizard Hitler—Lord Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes had been the face of the character since Goblet of Fire, and when it comes to future iterations of the character, he doesn't want anyone else playing Tom Riddle.

Talking to ComicBook at the New York Comic-Con, Fiennes explained, "I will be very possessive about Voldemort though… I don't want anyone else playing Voldemort." When it comes to any possible sequels to Harry Potter, Fiennes said:

"I don't see it happening… I think JK Rowing... My sense is, I don't know this, is that she feels that's done and she's developing [the Wizarding World] with those other films… I don't know. Who knows thought, who knows? You never know."

I just think it's funny that Fiennes would be so possessive with Voldemort, seeing as he isn't even the actor who originated the role. Back in Sorcerer's Stone, the Dark Lord was played by Richard Bremmer.

For now, it seems the only possible sequel route for Harry Potter is Cursed Child, but a lot of fans are choosing to ignore that story as part of the canon. Of course, it's very likely that a movie could push forward, but it could be a very long time before it hits screens. Besides, there was a ton of potential for the Wizarding World besides Fantastic Beasts.

After Crimes of Grindelwald kind of dropped the ball, a lot of people are hoping that the third film manages to redeem the franchise hole that J.K. Rowling had dug herself in. If you ask me, she should've just kept to an anthology format, with one Fantastic Beasts film and other movies centered on other in-universe books like Hogwarts a History and Quidditch Through the Ages.

Fantastic Beasts 3 is set to come out Nov. 12, 2021.

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