Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Star in Their First Comic Together This September

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After years of being together, DC has finally decided to make a Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy comic book. This will be a six issue mini-series that deals with Ivy and Quinn's new status quo after the events of Heroes in Crisis. If that wasn't dramatic enough, the six-issue series will also take place during DC's Year of the Villain event, though the two seem to be avoiding attention from their villainous cohorts to sort through their own issues.

Here's the synopsis of their exciting new series from Newsarama:

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are taking their show on the road in this new miniseries! They'll have to evade villains and heroes alike while they explore their relationship and unpack their time and experiences at Sanctuary. Set after the events of HEROES IN CRISIS and smack in the middle of "Year of the Villain," it's a journey across the DC Universe that will change their friendship forever...if they live that long!

Some would say that this being their first series together is a bit disingenuous since the two were clearly an open couple during Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's long-running Harley Quinn comic. The two get along well, though they can be on-again-off-again depending on who is writing them.


Written by Jody Houser with art from Adriana Melo, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy #1 (of 6) will be coming out this September.

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Credit: DC Comics

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