24 Jul 2020 3:53 PM +00:00 UTC

Greg Pak Teases 'Terrible Punishment' for Darth Vader, Will Tie into The Rise of Skywalker

Darth Vader #1 saw the Sith Lord going on a quest for revenge against those who hid his son from him, ultimately leading him to Tatooine and Coruscant. He eventually meets "Padme" on the world of Vendaxa, with the second issue revealing the woman's real identity. It'll still be a while before the sixth issue of the Vader comic series arrives but writer Greg Pak is teasing some interesting details about what's ahead for the Sith Lord.

Speaking at the Lucasfilm Publishing panel during the [email protected] event, Pak reveals the next arc begins with the sixth issue. "Vader, at the end of our first arc, Vader has claims to have settled all of his previous business," he said. "But the emperor knows better, he knows that Vader hasn't settled anything."

"Vader is going to suffer a terrible punishment," Pak continued, adding that the character will take on a new journey or quest wherein key elements "will tie into" The Rise of Skywalker "in a huge way."

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Credit: Lucasfilm, Marvel Comics

Pak adds that there'll be "some doors" thrown wide open which will dig into "some great unexplored territory," as well as dig deep into the heart of Vader. Pak was very careful to not reveal any spoilers, but his comments will surely get the fans intrigued about the journey Vader's about to take in the next arc.

Darth Vader #3 will be available on July 29, 2020, while the sixth issue gets released this October.

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