Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Release Date

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In the previous episode, Gentiane was appointed as Commander at the Griffin Forward base. Her first mission is to intercept a scouting party for the Sangvis in a nearby town. To complete her mission, she interviewed the T-Dolls in her team to know more about them, particularly their weaknesses and strengths.

Her strategy worked and the mission was a success. Her officer, Helian, admitted that the mission was a test of her abilities. She underwent another mission, this time, to save Scorpion from the Sangvis Ringleader. Once again, it was a success thanks to Gentiane’s leadership skills and her team’s abilities. What they did not expect is that the Ringleader, named Scarecrow, was able to determine M4’s location based on Scorpio’s coded communication. Scarecrow, acting as Scorpion, sent the coordinates to Executioner.

Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Details

Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Release Date
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Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Release Date

Episode three of Girls’ Frontline will be released on January 22, 2022. It will be released on BS11, AT-X, and Tokyo MX. Muse Communication streams the episodes for fans in Southeast Asia while Funimation acquired a license to stream Girls’ Frontline outside of Asia.


Funimation has a free trial period for viewers to watch the anime for free. They also have the option to register and become members. Membership will cost $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. As members, viewers have access to the site’s manga and anime libraries. They can check the new titles available on the platform. All shows are ad-free and available for offline viewing too. If those were not enough, members can do simulcasts one hour after Japan.

Girls’ Frontline is originally a mobile-strategy role-playing game. Its popularity paved way for a short anime series to be made, entitled, Girls’ Frontline: Healing Chapter. It was followed by Girls’ Frontline: Madness Chapter.

The ongoing series is produced by Warner Bros. Japan and was animated by Asahi Production. The animation and graphics of the series were spot on. It clearly depicted the worldbuilding of Girls’ Frontline, particularly the vibe of war. Fans will also be mesmerized by the different characters in the series. Each with a different personality and skill.

Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Countdown

Girls’ Frontline Episode 3 Countdown


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