Fruits Basket Drops New Yuki and Kyo Art in Celebration of Prelude Success

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There is little doubt that fans are loving Fruits Basket: Prelude. The film and special episodes were released theatrically in Japan last week and have since been doing quite well at the box office. To celebrate the success of the omnibus feature, new art featuring Yuki and Kyo Soma have been dropped to continue hyping up the franchise's future!

The new art will actually be featured in postcards that will commemorate the success of Fruits Basket: Prelude (via Mantan Web). The first postcard features Yuki Soma with a red background while the second one focuses on Kyo Soma with a blue background. The postcards will be distributed in theaters as an added benefit for viewers who watch the film.

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It's certainly a cool way to get more people to watch Fruits Basket: Prelude which has already earned over 33 million yen on the first two days of its theatrical release. A new update confirms that the film has now brought in 55 million yen (about US$479,000) from Friday through Monday. That means the movie has sold over 32,000 tickets on its first four days despite only screening in 25 cinemas across Japan.

It's no surprise that fans are eager to see the film. After all, it finally reveals what happened to Kyo and Tohru Honda after the final season of Fruits Basket concluded last year.

The compilation film actually recaps the 2019 anime series. The omnibus also includes a prequel episode titled Kyоko to Katsuya no Monogatari, which focuses on Tohru's parents. In addition to that, Natsuki Takaya penned the epilogue episode which follows Tohru and Kyo after the events in the show.

Fruits Basket: Prelude is now screening in theaters in Japan. The omnibus feature has also been released on Blu-ray on the same day.

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