02 Nov 2021 4:22 PM +00:00 UTC

Eternals: Kumail Nanjiani Wrote His Own Jokes According to Director

As shown in the trailers, Eternals will also have light and comedic moments. After all, it has been a norm in a lot of MCU films to have humor in some moments as it gave us a more touching look at the characters and make us smile as well in the midst of all the events that are happening.

In an interview with AV Club, director Chloe Zhao stated the importance of adding humor and light touches to the film, "It’s so important to make the audiences laugh, but I find it easier to make them cry than to make them laugh."

So when it comes to writing the humor, she is giving credit to Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Kingo, as she tasked him to spice up his character's lines on the film. She said, "I give Kumail a lot of props for helping me with that." She added that Kingo is "very complex," "funny," and described him as "always a person who likes to make the situation comfortable, but if you think about him, he has very strong beliefs and he’s not afraid to stick by them. He just goes about it a bit differently than Ikaris.”

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It makes sense that Zhao decided to task Nanjiani to write the jokes for his character since he is a comedian and a writer as well. It would also make it look natural for the actor if he writes the jokes himself and it would add his own personal flavor to the character. Also, Nanjiani himself is an Oscar-nominated writer as well so there is also credibility for him to contribute to writing the humor of the film.


Despite the mixed reviews, fans are hyped to see the film as it would introduce a new set of heroes in the MCU and explore the thousands-old history that has never been told before. It is also expected to have a bigger impact on the future of the MCU. Of course, it remains to be seen for the public how much they play a role in the ever-growing franchise.

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Eternals is set to be released in theaters this coming Friday.