Episode 19 of 86 Second Cour Delayed Due to Production Issues

It was announced on the official website of the 86 anime that the anime series’ 19th episode will be delayed. So, which means the next episode will be aired on December 4 instead of the 27th.

Not much detailed have been shared in regards to the delay, but the staff only mentioned it was due to production issues. A special edition program for 86 will be airing on the 27th instead while fans wait for the new episode to the released.

It was said that the anime series was supposed to air a special compilation episode scheduled to air on December 11 instead of airing a regular episode, but this said airing will be cancelled.

The second cour of the 86 premiered on October 2 as part of the current Fall anime season. This isn’t the first time that the anime’s episodes got delayed as the anime’s 18th episode was also delayed due to production issues. Its original airing date was supposed to be on November 13, but was aired to November 20 instead.

86 is based on the light novel series of the same name created by Asato Asato. The light novel series is licensed and published in English by Yen Press. The anime first cour aired on April. Anime streaming platform Crunchyroll streams the episode as it airs in Japan as well as in English Dub.

The series centers on the San Magnolia Republic been under attack by unmanned weapons from the neighboring empire. As way to battle against it, the Republic also released similar weapons with the goal of having no causalities. The Republic’s non-existent 86th district are organized into the “86 unit” and was ordered to pilot the unmanned weapons before they go into battle.

Many fans are looking forward to next episode of 86 and it who knows what’s in store for the next episode.

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