Elizabeth Olsen Addresses Rumors That She’s Hidden Marvel Messages in Gardening Videos

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It looks like Scarlett Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen isn't hiding secret Marvel messages in her gardening videos after all.

Earlier this week, WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen decided to take to Instagram to share a few gardening videos of herself during the COVID-19 quarantine and followers get to see the Marvel actress addressing Marvel fans directly as if she had something important to say about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Olsen might not mention anything Marvel after calling Marvel fans attention in her video, but everyone's been trying to analyze the WandaVision star's post hoping that she has a secret message for the fanbase.

Addressing the various theories that her gardening videos have sparked, Olsen decided to return to Instagram to share part of an article trying to decode her secret "Marvel message."

"Can YOU read between the lines...?" the actress writes in her most recent post.

Check it out down here:

Does Olsen really have a secret message hidden in her gardening videos, or is she just pulling everyone's leg? Maybe the actress is just trying to play around with the Marvel fanbase.

The Marvel star has been posting a lot of gardening videos ever since the COVID-19 quarantine began, so it's unlikely that she's actually planting hidden messages in her gardening tips.

Fans are just probably starved for information about WandaVision. There's barely been any news about the series the past few weeks because of the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the entertainment industry. We'll just probably have to wait for Marvel to continue promoting the series when COVID is over.

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