Village Roadshow vs. Warner Bros Dispute Leaks Edge of Tomorrow TV Show

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

In a legal dispute between Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow, the possibility of an Edge of Tomorrow TV show has been revealed.

Village Roadshow recently filed a complaint against Warner Bros. over a rights issue involving various Village Roadshow titles. These documents revealed Warner Bros.' determination to proceed with an Edge of Tomorrow television series despite the fact that a movie sequel has been in production for years and despite Village Roadshow's concerns about moving forward with the IP.

Edge of Tomorrow TV Show in the Pipeline?

Village Roadshow recently launched a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over the release of The Matrix Resurrections, one of the films it co-financed with the company, as Eriq Gardner pointed out on Twitter. The box office failure was exacerbated by HBO's decision to release the movie on HBO Max on the same day it was released in theaters.

All of this stems from a legal battle between the two companies over Village Roadshow's rights to films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matrix, and Edge of Tomorrow, which WB has been producing for years under its contract.

“107. Village Roadshow responded that it was “unwilling to waive its rights to co- finance this proposed Edge of Tomorrow series.”

What does Edge of Tomorrow Stars Think of a TV Reboot?

Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise, and director Doug Liman have all shown interest in and support for a potential sequel to the first Edge of Tomorrow movie. According to reports, the script for the movie has gone through multiple alterations and has yet to reach a final draft.

Despite the fact that the original film was released eight years ago, both a potential sequel and a TV show have yet to begin production and are still in the early stages of development.

And in spite of the ambiguity surrounding the status and future of a TV program based on the Edge of Tomorrow property, it is an intriguing option for the franchise's future. Unless WB and HBO Max can entice Cruise and Blunt to the small screen for a rare cameo with hefty compensation, the project may have to move forward without them.

If that doesn't happen, an Edge of Tomorrow TV show may serve as a reboot. In one way or another, this isn't likely to be the last news concerning the project and Village Roadshow's lawsuit.

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