Early Design for Dark Rey’s Lightsaber Suggest Alternate Universe

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It looks like there's a complicated back story to the lightsaber design that Dark Rey (Daisy Ridley) wields in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Sure, Episode IX didn't really explain the vision that Rey had while searching for the Sith Wayfinder on the remains of the Deathstar in the film, but it looks like we've finally got an explanation thanks to the Star Wars Show.

Featuring a segment from the Star Wars news program, the Star Wars website tries to explain the Dark Saber in Episode IX.


According to Lucasfilm Archivist Madlyn Burkert, the Dark Saber actually has an Easter egg hidden in it. Tucked away on the hinge of the weapon is a stamp that marks that the saber was actually made in Germany.

The early designs for the weapon were created to reflect Rey's staff, however, the design team for Episode IX decided that it would be too reminiscent of her light side character. Instead, to cement the difference between Light Side and Dark Side Rey, the Jakku Orphan was given a double-sided blade that would remind fans of Darth Maul.

"There's a lot of red details on this, and we often associate that color with the dark side, with the Empire or the First Order," Burkert says.

Because of its practical and detailed design, Inverse suggests that the saber may actually indicate that there's an alternate universe storyline where Dark Rey is the main character. It's an interesting theory to say the least. What would Star Wars be like if the hero was actually someone who fought for the Dark Side?

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