EA Releases New Details for Star Wars: Squadrons

EA Games has recently made the promise to make good use of their Star Wars license, and though the Fallen Order sequel is set to come out next year, we're getting a new title this October with Star Wars: Squadrons. Just in EA, has dropped some more info when it comes to the classes of ships as well as options for the player.

According to the official post on EA, players will be able to take control of eight different kinds of ships:

● T-65B X-wing starfighter

● BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber

● RZ-1 A-wing interceptor

● UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft

● TIE/ln starfighter ("TIE fighter")

● TIE/sa bomber ("TIE bomber")

● TIE/in interceptor ("TIE interceptor")

● TIE/rp reaper attack lander ("TIE reaper")

While each ship comes with its own unique abilities, they all have the same basic controls so players can try out different hats easily when they get started. In general Rebel ships are sturdier and more powerful, but TIEs have the advantage when it comes to speed.

As for classes, we have the basic fighters which are balanced all around; interceptors which are fast but can't take too much damage; bombers which are slow, but sturdy and very effective with damage; and support ships which are there to help keep ally ships in battle with repairs and additional supplies.

Unlike Battlefront, it also looks like Squadrons will be played entirely inside the cockpit. Developers have even found a way to give each cockpit a ‘functional' console. There's even a mode where you can toggle the HUD and play the game depending only on the information that your console is providing. Director Ian Frazier had this to say about the feature:

"… When you start a new game of Squadrons (or later in the options menu), you can set the game to the "Instruments Only" mode. If you do, it turns off all the in-world UI elements (for highlighting objectives and so forth), so you become almost 100% reliant on your cockpit instruments. This definitely makes the game harder, so toggle it on with caution, but if you want to jack the immersion level to the max, it's pretty darn cool!"

For more info, you can check out EA's official post here.

As someone who loves starfighters in Star Wars, I'm really excited to see what Squadrons has to offer. Though it's a bummer I won't be able to take control of ships like the Slave I or the Millennium Falcon, I guess it's fun enough to ride and X-Wing and blast some TIEs.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Oct. 2.

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