Divergent Star Wants to Play a Character in a Star Wars Movie

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Star Wars is a massive universe along with a huge fandom, so there's no doubt that playing even the most minor character in a project would be a dream come true. One of the actors who is obsessed with the franchise is Divergent star Shailene Woodley, who is even interested to play a nameless stormtrooper.


During a recent appearance on Conan at Home, Woodley talked about her love for Star Wars and her interest in playing a character in a project set in the galaxy far, far away. "It probably sounds crazy," she said. "If the opportunity to play a lead in a Star Wars film came around, listen...I wouldn't say no."

"I also think it would just be really cool to be an extra," the actor added. "I think it would be very cool to put on a stormtrooper uniform and show up to set all day and sit there for 12 hours, doing the same walk back and forth, and just witnessing the magic."

While she would want to be in a Star Wars movie, Woodley says there are two sides of being an actor in the franchise, either it's "great" or it could "take some of the magic away." This is why she isn't sure whether she'd "want to ruin the magic" for herself. However, Woodley thinks it'd be "so cool" and "neat" to be able to tell her kids one day and point to the stormtrooper she played in a movie, even though she thinks her kids won't believe her.

Aside from a stormtrooper, Woodley is someone likely to take on a more prominent role in a Star Wars project, given the major blockbuster franchises she has been in. In addition to her immense love for the franchise, there's no doubt that whatever role she'd have would be in good hands.

Lucasfilm currently has a few movies and series in the works, and if given the chance, Woodley could be featured in one of them.

Would you like to see Woodley in a Star Wars film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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