Disney’s Star Wars Product Sales Keep Dropping After The Last Jedi’s Release

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There might be a lot of hype building up over Star Wars: Episode IX, but it looks like the Mickey Mouse House is having problems with its sales because of a decrease in revenue from Star Wars products.

Disney just recently posted its First Quarter Earnings results for the year (h/t Cosmic Book News), and according to the document, the company is seeing lower numbers in income in its first fiscal quarter for the company's Consumer Products Division because of a decrease in Star Wars and Cars sales.

"Lower income from licensing activities was driven by a decrease in revenue from products based on Star Wars and Cars and higher third-party royalty expense, partially offset by an increase from minimum guarantee shortfall recognition, higher revenues from products based on Spider-Man and an increase in licensee settlements," the document explained.


According to the Mickey Mouse House's financial report back in 2018 sales in their Consumer Products Division composed of Star Wars products, Marvel Comics, and other materials, made less money compared to the years that came before that. It seems like a trend might actually be forming.

Something worth of note – there has been a consistent drop in Star Wars consumer product and license sales ever since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but perhaps these numbers may be influenced to the late release of these products. If not, then hopefully sales for Disney will do better once Star Wars: Episode IX arrives in cinemas later this year.

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres December 20, 2019.

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