14 Apr 2020 12:34 PM +00:00 UTC

Disney Reminds Star Wars Fans of Galaxy’s Edge with Magical Sunset Photos

COVID-19 might have forced Disney to close all of its parks, but that isn't stopping the House of Muse from reminding Star Wars fans of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Posting on the official Disney Parks website, Disney decided to share five new photos taken from Batuu, the fictional Star Wars planet where fans get to visit Galaxy's Edge. These photos are a reminder of the fun that fans can have at the Star Wars theme park – when the COVID-19 pandemic finally comes to an end.

Disney's photos give fans a brand new look at Black Spire Outpost, the main location of Galaxy's Edge. It also offers viewers a look at the X-wing starfighter that Disney built for the park. There's also a picture of the House of Mouse's A-wing starfighter, and of course, the ship of all Star Wars ships, the Millennium Falcon.

"Looking out over Black Spire Outpost, you can't miss the Millennium Falcon in all her ramshackle glory. In the distance, a multi-purpose transport shuttle is docked on top of a large hangar known as Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo," Disney writes in its post.

You can check out the photos down here:


The photos are certainly beautiful. There's something about the sun setting on Batuu, splashing golden waves across the landscape that make it all so magical.


It's such a shame that fans can't enjoy the park right now. We can only hope that we can finally flatten the curve and that the pandemic ends soon.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is located in Disneyland Park and Hollywood Studios.

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