01 Jul 2019 10:29 AM +00:00 UTC

Did This Star Wars Animated Short Reveal Rey's Lineage? (Possible Spoilers)

Star Wars Kids recently released an amazing animated short detailing the Skywalker Saga and did so in a way that was brief, informing, and filled with nice touches. While it's not a video that will replace watching all nine movies, fans will appreciate the animation done and some of the cool visual cues that made progression throughout the short really cool.

It shouldn't have been surprising seeing Rey in the video since she is the protagonist for the current trilogy but due to the video recapping the Skywalker Saga it made many think that Rey could actually be a Skywalker. Add the fact that Star Wars: Episode IX is called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and speculation for Rey joining the family is at an all-time high.


Does this confirm everyone's suspicions that Rey is a Skywalker? Maybe. Maybe not. Directors like to give fans twists and there's a good chance that Rey could end up being something else, whether it be a Palpatine, Solo, or a plain nobody. People would hate the last bit but that's what Rian Johnson hinted at with The Last Jedi and it's not the worst thing in the world.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be coming this December. The film will not just conclude the current trilogy but the entire Skywalker Saga, which is huge. Future Star Wars films will deal with new characters and storylines, though there will probably be a few references to older films.

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