Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Announces He is Taking a Break from Acting

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For the past several years, Ryan Reynolds has been booked and busy starring in a lot of films. Whether it's playing Deadpool or Pikachu or a video game character named Guy, he certainly has been delivering joy and entertainment to the audience. But it seems like he will be taking a break in the meantime.

In his Instagram post, Reynolds posted that he has wrapped shooting the musical comedy film Spirited which he is starring with Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer. He thanked all the people he worked with on the project and announced that it is his "perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making."

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The actor didn't specify how long will he be taking a break, but we can assume that it may not be long enough. After all, he is set to star in a third Deadpool film which may possibly start shooting by next year. With that, his break might take more or less a year. Fortunately, even though he will be taking a sabbatical, there are still upcoming films from him to look forward to which are the Netflix films Red Notice (coming next month) and The Adam Project (which is set to be released next year) as well as the aforementioned Spirited which is coming on Apple TV+ in an unannounced date.

While a lot of celebrities are sending well wishes to the actor in his post, Reynolds' wife Blake Lively left a comment by joking "Michael Caine did it first." If you've been following their relationship, you'll know that they love to joke around so it's not surprising to see her do it, but it is nonetheless a hilarious response.

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Reynolds has been busy starring in a lot of films for some years now and a lot of them are physically demanding. There's a lot of grueling work involved so it is understandable why he decides to take a break in the meantime. He certainly deserves it and we hope that he will take enough rest for him before he comes back making films and bring us joy and entertainment again.