DCEU Fans Renew #MakeTheBatfleckMovie Campaign

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Credit: WB

Ben Affleck won DC fans the world over with his dark and gritty take on Batman and to a lot of people, the actor can already be considered the definitive live-action version of the iconic superhero. However, things didn't go the way Affleck would've wanted them to and in early 2019, he announced that he's abandoning the supposed solo Batman film helmed by Matt Reeves, a project that was later turned into a reboot top-billed by Robert Pattinson.

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Credit: WB

Last year, Affleck shocked the fandom when it was announced that he'll be donning the Dark Knight's cape and cowl in The Flash, potentially for the final time in his career. Now, despite the fact that Affleck may actually be on his way out of the franchise — for real, this time around, DCEU fans are still hopeful that they'll get to witness the standalone Batman project he was supposed to star in.

On Twitter, a lot of fans renewed the #MakeTheBatfleckMovie campaign in hopes of Warner Bros. listening to their plea. The specifics of the film remain unclear until this day but rumor has it that the project would've featured Joe Manganielo's Deathstroke as the main villain. Check out some of the tweets here:


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The current chances of a solo Batfleck film happening are quite slim if we're being honest but you know what they say, you can never say never. At the end of the day, it's still up to the powers that be and of course, Affleck himself if he wants to continue playing the character.

Meanwhile, The Flash hits cinemas in November 2022.