DC Insider Speculates How Mera Gets Written Off in Aquaman 2

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Credit: WB

After years of campaigning to get her fired from the Aquaman franchise, fans are over the moon following the emergence of a hot DCEU rumor concerning Amber Heard's future. The said rumor, which began circulating all over social media following the defamation trial claims that all of Amber Heard's scenes have now been removed completely from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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Credit: WB

Shockingly enough, the reactions have been mixed and some fans believe that Mera is too important of a character to just be written off. As it stands, Warner Bros. and DC Films have yet to break their silence following the 36-year-old star's loss against her ex-husband Johnny Depp and it begs the question: how will Mera's DCEU story end?

Insider KC Walsh, the same guy who started the rumor mill earlier this month speculates on Twitter that Amber's character will die in the sequel during childbirth. While the rumor has yet to be confirmed, the theory actually makes a ton of sense considering Aquaman 2 is heavily rumored to feature the live-action debut of Arthur and Mera's child Arthur Curry Jr. aka Aquambaby.


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Personally, I'd love to see Mera's story continue because she's such an integral part of Arthur's journey to becoming the King of Atlantis. WB and DC Films could easily recast Heard if they wanted to and it's absolutely baffling that it's not the case, it seems. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom's theatrical release has been rescheduled to March 17, 2023.