DC Comics Will Start Publishing Comics Again Later This Month

The Coronavirus has been rough on everyone, forcing a ton of businesses to close down, whether it be temporary or permanent. Everything from hotels to restaurants is suffering so seeing comic book stores struggle to sell comics is unsurprising, especially since Diamond won't be accepting any new products until May when things hopefully get better, though that seems doubtful. Well, DC Comics seem to have some confidence in their readers getting their books as the company has announced that they will resume publishing on April 28.

Apparently, the company has noticed how certain comic book stores have been a wee bit creative with their distribution, which is why they will start publishing their own single issues again soon. It's still an odd decision to make since some fans might actually be tempted to go outside so here's hoping that most readers decide to have these issues delivered or read these issues digitally.

It's definitely a risky move at a risky time so here's hoping that the company knows what they are doing. We know some people are looking for an excuse to go outside again but it shouldn't be for new comic books. Just go out to buy groceries and flatten the curve people. You don't want a lockdown, do you? Several countries have been forced to do that.

DC Comics will start publishing issues again on April 28.

Via Newsarama

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