Darth Maul Actor Sam Witwer Reveals Original Details for Star Wars Force Unleashed III

Star Wars fans might know Sam Witwer as the voice of Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, but before he lent his voice to the Sith Lord, the actor made his Star Wars debut playing Starkiller.

Starkiller was the main character in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, an action-adventure game released by LucasArts back in 2008. Witwer would also go on to play the character in the game's sequel which was released in 2010.

Despite the game's popularity back in the day, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III had some major issues during its development, and the game never saw the light of day.

Speaking in an interview with IGN, Witwer was asked about LucasArts original plans for The Force Unleashed III.

According to the Star Wars voice actor, the third Force Unleashed videogame would have picked up directly from the ending of Force Unleashed II where Starkiller ended up defeating Darth Vader and taking him into the custody of the Rebels.

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"At the end of The Force Unleashed II he cuts off Vader's hand and captures him," said Witwer. "I'm not comfortable sharing everything we discussed, but the idea was, that was the biggest mistake ever, and that Vader, like he was toying with Luke, the Force Unleashed I and II games were all about Vader toying with Starkiller. And at some point, there would be a confrontation where Starkiller's fighting Vader, and everything that worked before suddenly isn't working now. He's like, 'I cut off your hand!,' and Vader says, 'That wasn't my hand. I have no hand.'"

It looks like Starkiller would have ended up learning about how devious Vader can be in The Force Unleashed III. Unfortunately, there was a lot of trouble behind the scenes during the development of the game, and so Lucasarts decided to drop the title. Such a shame – we're sure fans would have loved seeing how things would have turned out between Starkiller and Vader.

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