Daredevil Fans are Loving Major [SPOILERS] Return This Week

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It's been an exciting week for Daredevil fans who have been hoping that the Netflix series is far from over. Amazingly, supporters of the #SaveDaredevil hashtag got an early Christmas present when they tuned in to Hawkeye Episode 5. However, that wasn't the only awesome surprise as the weekend confirmed what everyone had been suspecting for some time now! SPOILERS AHEAD, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

In Hawkeye Episode 5, it was revealed that Eleanor Bishop had ordered the death of Clint Barton and is somehow working with Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Although Vincent D'onofrio didn't act in the episode, he did appear in a blurry photo on Kate Bishop's phone.

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It wasn't a real appearance for Kingpin just yet but he is expected to play a major role in the Hawkeye season finale. However, we didn't have to wait until next week to get an amazing second tease at Daredevil's revival. On Friday, Spider-Man: No Way Home finally premiered in theaters and proved once and for all that Matt Murdock stepped up to represent Peter Parker and his friends.

To be honest, fans have already been speculating about Daredevil and Kingpin being the first characters to cross over from the Netflix shows and into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, that didn't take away the satisfaction and pure joy of Daredevil fans who celebrated Murdock and Fisk's debuts in the MCU.

Naturally, this is only the beginning of Daredevil's revival. Fans are now expecting both D'onofrio and Charlie Cox to show up in the Hawkeye spin-off series Echo. In addition to that, there are rumors that Foggy Nelson and Karen Page will soon be introduced in the MCU. For now, these are mere speculations and have not yet been confirmed by Marvel Studios. Nevertheless, it's a great start for Daredevil and we can't wait for more awesome updates.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is screening in theaters. Hawkeye Episode 6 will air on Disney+ on December 23, 2021.

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