Daisy Ridley Shares Her Struggles on Her First Day Back on Instagram

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Most of us thought we'd never see the day but Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley just made her triumphant and not to mention shocking return to social media. In case you didn't know, the 29-year-old British star used to be active on the platform but decided to call it quits in 2016 after receiving backlash over her support for the victims of gun violence.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Ridley has iterated more than once that she has no plans of going back but it looks like the Rey Skywalker actress had a massive change of heart. However, on her first day back on Instagram, Daisy is already facing some struggles with her social media life.

Sharing a series of bizarre selfies on her freshly verified Instagram page, the actress hilariously admitted that she's in the process of trying to relearn the photo-sharing application. She also joked that it's a good thing she wasn't lured back into social media during the height of the pandemic. Check out her post here:

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It's safe to say that Daisy actually missed updating her fans on social media and we're actually thrilled that she decided to make a comeback. Now, it begs the question: what exactly is the intention behind all of this? With Star Wars Celebration around the corner, some fans are speculating that she's gearing up for a huge announcement. I guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley's Star Wars trilogy is available for streaming on Disney+.

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