Chris Evans Almost Shouted "Assemble" Iconic Line in Avengers: Endgame

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Chris Evans is set to yell the "To Infinity and Beyond" iconic line in his latest Disney film, Lightyear. But before Evans stepped into the role of beloved Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear and voice the character's iconic line, he previously played a legendary MCU character and uttered Marvel's famous 'Avengers Assemble' line in Avengers: Endgame, which concluded the triumphant Infinity Saga. Although the line was pure goosebumps when it premiered in theaters, it almost had another version.

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In an interview with MTV News, Chris Evans sat down and spoke about his latest Disney film, Lightyear. During the interview, Evans was asked whether there's another version of his classic Avengers: Endgame line, "Avengers Assemble."

“Yeah. ’Cause again, you know, it almost feels like it should be shouted," Evans admitted. "And I was gonna shout the first take, and then it just felt like, you know, it almost feels like I knew what the camera was doing. You know that people are waiting for it. And it almost felt like a nice juxtaposition to almost, you know, go underneath it and then have everyone around me scream. And we tried that the first take, and then the Russos just said, ‘That’s it, don’t even do the screaming one.’ And I actually don’t know if we ever even tried it, I mean, I obviously tried it at my home the night before. And again, it could have worked. It could have worked, but I like the fact that it, you know, you almost have to lean in.”

The MCU vet also added how he loved it when Marvel co-star Chris Hemsworth added a primal roar after he uttered the iconic line. “I really loved that right when I say it, [Chris] Hemsworth just lets out that, you know, primal roar. It almost, it would’ve been strange if I had screamed, and everyone screamed. It almost felt better, kind of being more steely," Evans said.

Fans have been waiting throughout the four Avengers films for Captain America to say the classic "Avengers Assemble" line, and it surely didn't disappoint. After all, there's no one more deserving than Captain America to voice the line and to seemingly lead the MCU's star-studded complete roster of heroes.

While it's certainly delightful to hear Captain America utter the line, question is, will we ever hear it again?

Now that, Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson picked up the Star-spangled mantle together with the vibranium shield, we might as well hear it from him. However, Captain America could still return in the Avengers: Secret Wars, which appears to be the MCU's next brewing phase. And even Evans has recently expressed in returning as the MCU's honorable Steve Rogers, saying that it would be a 'tall order' for him.

Avengers: Endgame is available to stream on Disney+.

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