Castlevania Showrunner Wants to Make a Live-Action My Hero Academia Series

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My Hero Academia has to be one of, if not the most popular shonen anime/manga out right now. It manages to use all of the well-worn tropes from previous shonen properties and make them feel fresh again, thanks to great characters, amazing fight choreography, and the fact that lead character Izuku Midoriya doesn't win all his battles. Really, it's not shocking to see this series soar in popularity, especially with everyone really into superheroes right now.

But would anyone want to see it in live-action? Well, producer Adi Shankar says he would like to do it and since the man has done justice to franchises like Netflix's Castlevania and the acclaimed Dredd movie, fans can assume that he would give it a Plus Ultra effort. If he can make the greatest video game adaptation ever (sorry Detective Pikachu) then we should give him a chance.


Speaking with IGN, he said that he loves how the show manages to appeal to kids while not talking down to adults. Shankar even claims that it has the "Pixar effect," which is more than true. The showrunner also expressed interest in bringing other franchises like Berserk, Gundam, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, among other anime to the realm of live-action.

What anime do you guys want to see in live-action? As for current anime fans, My Hero Academia will return this October for season 4.

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