C-3PO Actor Has a New Favorite Star Wars Movie

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If you ask most people what their favorite Star Wars movie is, chances are, they will choose either The Empire Strikes Back or the debut film A New Hope, though it was originally called Star Wars. There are also those daring enough to say it's The Last Jedi, which might have some bad parts but also has some of the best moments in Star Wars history. One thing is for sure; No one will choose The Rise of Skywalker, that's for sure.

Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C-3PO in all of these movies, originally said that A New Hope was his favorite Star Wars movie. That's an excellent choice only a few will argue with you about, but the actor has recently changed his mind. On Twitter, the actor has revealed that The Empire Strikes Back is now his favorite, which is, to be frank, another safe choice for Star Wars fans.


To be fair, as we stated earlier, The Empire Strikes Back is a favorite of many and basically created the blueprint for "how to make a franchise sequel." Everything from Captain America: The Winter Soldier to How to Train Your Dragon 2 follows this blueprint, increasing the stakes from the previous movie while also expanding the universe, minus a few plot holes here and there.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is now available on Disney+ and digital media so you have plenty of ways to see this movie. Don't worry, George Lucas has not "improved" on this film for its re-release since he feels that it's perfect. If only he left A New Hope alone…

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