Brie Larson Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of Her Captain Marvel Casting

It's hard to believe that Captain Marvel came out last year or that Brie Larson was cast for the role four years ago, mostly because 2020 is so miserable that everything feels like an eternity ago. Still, we have to take the good when we can get it so seeing Larson reminisce about her casting is a nice break from everything and the nostalgia for this is timely since Comic-Con@Home is streaming daily for the next few days and she was announced for the role during SDCC.

Honestly, it's weird to remember how fans were initially excited to see Larson announced for the role. Considering all the backlash this actress gets these days, going back and seeing people be happy over her getting the role is a bit surreal. She did come off Room, a phenomenal film that Larson was phenomenal in, so that might have helped but it's still something.

Seeing Larson celebrate over this is nice and makes you forget about all the hate the actress has gotten, a lot of which is pretty absurd. Most fans just seem to hate on her and the movie because it stars a female, which is pretty annoying. The movie itself is just okay and is pretty weak when compared to a lot of other Marvel films, though is nowhere near as bad as the "fans" make it out to be.

Larson isn't going to be done as Captain Marvel anytime soon. Aside from a sequel, she is also expected to participate in more Avengers-style crossover films, though not a lot of her future has been revealed due to the current pandemic. Once things settle down, we're sure Marvel will reveal more details about the character's future.

Captain Marvel is now available on digital stores, Disney+, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

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