Shia LaBeouf Transforms Into Wolverine in BossLogic's Amazing Fanart

Ever since Disney merged with Fox, a lot of people have been eagerly awaiting updates on the reboot of the X-Men. For months fans have been posting up fancasts for characters, and while some think that Daniel Radcliffe would be a good Wolverine, internet artist BossLogic has decided to do a mock-up of one other actor in the role—ex-Transformers star Shia LaBeouf.

Check it out:

By the looks of it, BL was originally intending to turn LaBeouf into Iceman, but it ended up looking better as Wolverine. I have to say, LaBeouf looks good in the part, and with his acting chops I bet he can actually pull off someone like Logan.

If anything, the rumor mill is pumping out that Marvel does want LaBeouf for a role, but it's for Marvel's Moon Knight. With LaBeouf being known to have a kind of crazy persona off-camera, he would be perfect to play the mentally unstable Marc Spector. Personally, I think LaBeouf is better suited for that role.

As for Wolverine, I would prefer if they cast someone against Hugh Jackman's type and have a comic-accurate Logan who is short, stocky, and covered in hair. While names like Taron Egerton and Jason Momoa have been thrown around, I think Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Hannibal) would make for a good Wolverine; too bad Tom Hardy got cast as Venom before they recast Logan because I think he's a good mix of short and stocky.

We don't know when Marvel will introduce the mutants into the MCU, but it's likely it will be in the next five years.

In the meantime, you can catch The New Mutants which is set to come out on Aug. 28.

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