28 Sep 2021 2:53 AM +00:00

Boruto's Naruto vs. Isshiki Battle is Going Viral on YouTube

The epic battle between Naruto and the overpowered villain Isshiki Otsutsuki in the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is rising up on YouTube's rankings. Isshiki is the most powerful villain featured in the Naruto franchise, and to defeat him and protect the entire Hidden Leaf Village, Naruto had to fuse his chakra with Kurama's to produce a new type of energy and unlock a brand new power called Baryon Mode, but it has an extremely dangerous drawback.

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In Boruto Episode 217, titled Decision, Naruto unleashes his brand new power in order to defeat Isshiki, but Kurama warned him that Baryon Mode unlocks more chakra energy than Naruto has ever wielded, so using it would drain away his strength and life span.


The power of Naruto's Baryon Mode is exciting to watch as he is able to dominate Isshiki with his incredible power and speed while being able to easily evade his attacks. Naruto's new power allows him to effortlessly move massive objects thanks to his powerful Nine-Tails aura fused over his human form. The martial arts combo he pulls off will remind fans of his battle with Sasuke, and his Baryon Rasengan looks pretty spectacular.

However, as the Baryon Mode hits its breaking point, the cost of his new powers hits Naruto quickly, leaving his chakra lifeforce hanging, but the risk ultimately pays off as his new powers let Naruto shave away Isshiki's lifeforce with every contact, leaving the villain with just minutes to live.

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In just 13 hours since the epic fight scene was released on YouTube, the video racked up over 2 million views, and it's almost at 3 million at the time of this writing. With the fight's incredible visuals and epic action, it's not surprising that the Naruto vs. Isshiki fight quickly went viral. This scene is almost the equivalent to Goku's mastered Ultra Instinct form, as first shown in the final moments of the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super.