Black Clover Movie Officially Announced in New Teaser Trailer

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The Black Clover anime might be down to its fourth and final season but it looks like fans are set to see more of Asta and Yuno soon. The Black Clover movie has just been officially announced along with an awesome teaser.

The teaser was shared by Weekly Shonen Jump and it highlights some of the manga's best scenes so far. The video also features how the artwork is created and the voice actors behind the scenes recording their lines. Check it out below.


Not surprisingly, the teaser for the Black Clover movie hypes up the manga's long journey and the success of the anime. It concludes with the confirmation that the story will be turned into a movie although the official release date was not revealed.

For now, the premise of the Black Clover movie is still a mystery since we didn't really get any new footage from the teaser. There are speculations that the video is merely a recap for now since the film is still in the works but Shueisha wanted to get the news out as soon as possible.

Although it might still be a long wait for the Black Clover movie, fans can still look forward to the final episode of the anime's fourth season this week. Black Clover Episode 170 is still expected to air on Tuesday and is set to round out the anime's storyline. However, the manga will continue churning out new chapters in April.


Black Clover Episode 170 is titled The Faraway Future and will be available on Crunchyroll and Funimation on March 30. The manga's next chapters will be released by Weekly Shonen Jump on April 2.

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