BEASTARS New Arc Announced by Studio Orange and Netflix Japan

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Credit: Orange

Good news for Beastars fans!

Orange, the studio behind the series, and Netflix Japan have officially announced via Twitter that the anime will be having a new arc. In line with this, they have also posted new illustrations from the creator, Paru Itagaki. Check out the announcement from Studio Orange below:

They have also posted a link to the new website, where you can find a new colored illustration of Legoshi. The art was also posted on Beastars' and Netflix Japan's official Twitter accounts.


Itagaki also shared additional art of Legoshi, which you can find on their Twitter:

Beastars is a shōnen manga series serialized in Akita Shonen's Weekly Shōnen Champion between 2016 and 2020. It is set in a modern-day world involving anthropomorphic animals, living with a distinct societal divide between carnivores and herbivores.

Legoshi is a tall gray wolf studying at Cherryton Academy, quiet in personality despite his appearance. He works as part of the production team of the school's drama club. One of the students, an alpaca, was murdered one night — forming an even larger divide and unrest between the herbivores and carnivores at the school.

Legoshi and Haru from Beastars Season 1. Photo from Orange.
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Credit: Orange

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In the midst of these events, Legoshi meets a dwarf rabbit named Haru and starts developing feelings for her. It becomes quite complicated for Legoshi considering his predatory instincts, the aftermath of the death of his schoolmate, and the state of their society.

An anime adaptation was released by Orange in 2019 with the first season having a total of 12 episodes. Earlier this year, the second season was aired in Japan between January to March. For international fans, Netflix started streaming the first season in March 2020 while the second season was released last July 15, 2021.

Both seasons of Beastars are exclusively available on Netflix.