Batman is Officially a Hollywood Star, Will Join 2020 Walk of Fame

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Most people might prefer Marvel over DC these days thanks to the enduring popularity of the MCU but Batman will always be number one in the hearts of many fans. Whether they prefer seeing the Dark Knight in the comic books, cartoons, or movies, it's clear that the character has left an impact on many people, no matter the medium. This is probably why it's no surprise to a lot of people that the popular superhero will be a part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Reported by Variety, it's fun seeing a fictional character join several real-life celebrities in the big Hollywood Walk of Fame. Considering how Batman has left an impact on fans through multiple entertainment mediums, some would say that this is a long time coming.


Here are some of the celebrities who will be a part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well:

"Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali, Chris Hemsworth, Octavia Spencer, Spike Lee, Andy Cohen, Wendy Williams, Christina Applegate, Terry Crews, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Alicia Keys, Billy Idol, Tanya Tucker, Billy Porter, Dave Chappelle, the late Andy Kaufman and Muddy Waters."

No details yet on when we'll see Batman's name in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He joins Peanuts character Charlie Brown as the second comic book character to get his own star in the Walk of Fame.

In unrelated news, Robert Pattinson will be the latest Hollywood actor to don the cowl of Batman. He will star in Matt Reeves' The Batman, which comes out on 2021.

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