Attack on Titan Releases New Trailer For The Final Season

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The release of the final half of the fourth season of Attack on Titan is fast approaching, and a new trailer has been released to prove it. With the Scout Regiment now having to deal with not only the forces of Marley, but also the forces that were created by their former friend, Eren Jaeger, this final half of the final season looks like it’s going to be one of the darkest and bloodiest season to date. With this new clip, Attack on Titan fans are shown some big moments as to how the battle that was previously teased in the previous season plays out.

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Here’s a quick recap on the story of Survey Corp’s fourth season, here’s a quick recap. The previous episodes came to an end with the nation of Marley baring down on the island of Paradis. With Eren Jaeger trying to enact a plan known as the "Euthanasia Plan," the whole Scout Regiment has been placed on the sidelines as Eren imprisoned his friends to make sure that they wouldn’t be able to prevent his plans of sterilizing everyone who has the ability to inherit the power of the Titans. The last and final season has taken the opportunity to shift the board a lot when it comes to alliances and the final episode of the series will do this even more as all of the players of the battle come together for a massive assault.

The new trailer that was released by Studio MAPPA gives Attack on Titan fans an idea for the battle that will happen by the end of the series, which is sure to have a lot of destruction and death involved during the battle.


The manga series of Attack on Titan ended earlier this year, bringing an end to the mature tale, and while the creator of the series, Hajime Isayama, hasn’t mentioned the idea of returning to the popular world he created, there are rumors circling the internet that there might be new anime projects that are in the works. Before the end of the anime series comes, there will be a lot of wild moments in the story of Armin, Mikasa, and Eren Jaeger, and this has been the case throughout the series. Fans should expect a huge number of casualties before the story of our beloved Scout Regiment comes to an end.

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