Aquaman 2: WB Originally Wanted to Remove Amber Heard from DCEU Sequel

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Credit: WB

Fans of the DC Extended Universe have been very vocal about their desire to see Aquaman star Amber Heard get axed from the franchise amid all the controversies that surround her. There is even an online petition calling for her firing that has already reached nearly 2 million signatures but much to the chagrin of her critics, Amber still reprised her role for the upcoming sequel titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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Credit: WB

But as it turns out, fans came extremely close to getting their wish and according to a new report, Warner Bros. nearly removed Amber from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Puck reports that WB originally had no plans of bringing back the Mera actress for the sequel over concerns of a lack of chemistry between her and lead star Jason Momoa.

Heard's team is very much aware of the situation and the report also claims that she wasn't able to negotiate a salary increase for the upcoming film. It is also believed by her camp that Heard's highly publicized issues with Johnny Depp resulted in her almost getting removed from the project.

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This new information comes as a bit of a surprise because I've always thought Momoa and Heard shared tremendous chemistry not only in the film but in real life as well. As it stands, fans are still pushing for Amber's firing from the DCEU and as her defamation trial progresses, it's definitely going to play a major factor in her future in the franchise.

Meanwhile, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is now slated for release on March 17, 2023.