Alex Kurtzman Gives Big Updates on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 and Section 31 Spin-Off

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Star Trek: Picard has debuted and fans have been enjoying the series, dissecting everything they can from every episode and trying to guess what happens next, just like any good old Star Trek series. Fans won't have to worry about the lack of Star Trek content once Picard Season 1 ends since production on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is wrapping up soon and the rumored Section 31 spin-off might start production soon after.

Maybe we don't need those Star Trek movies after all.

Anyway, caught up with Alex Kurtzman, the producer of Picard and Discovery showrunner, where he discussed Discovery Season 3 details and the Section 31 spin-off that seriously needs a new name. In terms of details, he gave a lot when it came to the newest season of Discovery, which is shaping up to have a radically different status quo from what's been established but was more hush-hush when it came to the spin-off.

Kurtzman mentions how Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will take place 1000 years into the future, along with the usual "enemies are friends, friends are enemies" set-ups that stories like these are notorious for.

"It's 1,000 years in the future. [It's got] things you expect from 'Star Trek' — enemies might be allies, former allies might now be enemies. [But] everything's different. It's still the world of 'Star Trek,' no question about it, but there's a lot of huge changes in the universe."

On the Section 31 spin-off, the only thing Kurtzman could mention was that casting has begun, scriptwriting is going well, and production was pushed back due to Michelle Yeoh being in the Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. It seems like more details will be revealed once the third season of Discovery is finished but we'll have to wait and see.

No release dates for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 or Section 31 have been revealed. Star Trek: Picard and Discovery can now be streamed on CBS All Access.

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