1883 Episode 4 Air Date: When to Watch It on Paramount Plus

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Why didn't Paramount Plus air of 1883 Episode 4? This weekend, we were left with no new episode, which was strange given the amount of hype surrounding the new show. So, what’s going on?

A Detour

Instead, Paramount Plus released The Road West, a special for which you can see a trailer below. A lot of intriguing stuff can be found here, and it's very cool to hear an actor as well-respected as Sam Elliott say that this is his largest production yet.

We already know that the network wasted no money in bringing 1883 to life, with many of the episodes costing more than Yellowstone itself. This is a result of it having such a large world and the challenge of these individuals being on the trail for most of the season.


When is 1883 Episode 4 Coming Out?

Fans will have to wait another week to see the next episode of 1883, which will be released on Sunday, Jan. 9. LaMonica Garrett, who plays Thomas in the show, confirmed this.

“Tonight’s episode will be a look at BTS. After this NYE weekend, episode 4 will air next Sunday,” Garrett wrote in his Instagram story.

The main issue this weekend was a complete lack of understanding of what was going on. The Road West was certainly not thrown together at the last minute, indicating that Paramount Plus had a plan in place to screen the special at this time.

The pause, beyond the special airing, is thought to have given the post-production crew additional time to put together the rest of the season, as well as extending the world of Yellowstone and its prologue a bit longer. The more content they can have here long-term, the better.

What’s The Road West All About?

The most recent episode provides a behind-the-scenes look at the show. The special has been teased earlier on the official account from 1883.

“This is a story about the immigrant on the Oregon Trail,” Elliot, who plays the role of Shea Brennan, says in the video. “I have never worked on a company this big in my life.”

Essentially, the BTS special provides a detailed look into how the show came to be. It's worth a look.