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12 Anime with Unforgettable Action and Fight Scenes

For each anime fan, there are different types of scenes that they like. Some people are into those romantic scenes, others are more drawn to dramatic scenes, and some fans just love to see a good fight scene. 

Fight scenes are usually a physical battle among characters wherein they use weapons or their bare hands. Usually, the conflict in a certain anime has too much tension that it led to violence. We noticed that there are tons of anime with interesting action scenes so we decided to list the 12 with the most unforgettable fight scenes. 

  1. Attack on Titan

    For those who have not watched Attack on Titan, it should be noted that there are 2 kinds of fights in the series: titan battles and fights with the maneuver. Titan battles are not that common but these are entertaining as the latter type of fights. Fans will be glued to their seats as they wait for who wins each fight as we know that one wrong move could lead to hundreds of deaths. One unforgettable fight scene was between Levi and Beast titan. 

  2. Akagame ga Kill!

    The interesting thing about this series is that despite it talking about assassins, there is only one person who assassinates people. Despite that, the show has tons of action and fight scenes that will make fans excited. There are also a lot of characters with good fighting skills to choose from. 

  3. Dororo

    Dororo is a good anime to watch for those who are into samurai. The series showcases samurais in the field with blood all over the place. Before fans can assume that this is just a normal samurai flick, Dororo added an interesting twist to the story: the antagonists are demons. Each fight scene has a high animation quality that will blow the minds of fans. 

  4. The Seven Deadly Sins

    One particular character that new fans need to watch out for is Escanor as he has the tendency to keep fans hyped with his ego and power that cannot be compared to anyone. Fans loved the first three seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins with its out-of-this-world fight scenes. 


  5. One Punch Man

    Of course, One Punch Man should not be left out as all of its action scenes are spot on. From the narration, animation, and even the sound, every fight scene was made well. There are fans who would re-watch the fight scenes over and over again and still get the same excitement when they see it. 

  6. Mob Psycho 100

    Aside from the interesting fight scenes, Mob Psycho 100 has explosions of color whenever there is an action scene. The scenes also have some story to back up why it all happened to further explain why certain characters are in conflict with each other. They are not just fighting because they feel like it. 

  7. The God of High School

    Another series that got everyone’s attention was The God of High School. It has great animation quality and designs. Fans will notice that each character has a specific fighting style that makes them unique and powerful. As the story progressed, the fight scenes also improved. 


  8. Naruto

    While some people comment that Naruto is just about filler episodes, we have to agree that this series has a lot of memorable fight scenes like Naruto vs Sasuke, Gaara vs Lee, and Kakashi vs Obito, among others. Each scene contains meticulous design and high-quality animation. The fights also contain stories about the characters involved. 

  9. Demon Slayer

    Demon Slayer’s popularity was no joke as every single fight more or less trended around the world. Fans can’t stop talking about how good the fight and actions scenes are to the point that even non-fans will check it out. The show has a unique visual style whenever the sword was moved, and it will actually take your breath away. 

  10. Hunter x Hunter

    Hunter x Hunter follows the concept of Nen. It also showed some of the best fight scenes with power cliffing apparent every time. One example was Netero vs Meruem, which was truly a masterpiece with its animation. Of course, we have to appreciate all the fight scenes that Gon and Killua have. 

  11. My Hero Academia

    For superhero-type of anime, My Hero Academia takes the top spot in action scenes. The design and animation blend well together that fans will not be able to take their eyes away from the screen whenever there is a fight scene. Some fight scenes to watch out for are the Overhaul arc, One for All vs All for One, and the Tournament arc. 

  12. Jujutsu Kaisen

    The show made an impact with its unpredictable fight scenes. The animation is polished and all the other elements in each fight (antagonists, powers, and curses) make each action scene unforgettable. There’s even a Panda who has immense powers that will just surprise fans. 

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