Gotham Season 5 Star Teases Ecco's Latest Transformation Into Harley Quinn

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December 06, 2018  01:04 PM


The premiere of Gotham Season 5 is only a little less than a month away and it looks like one character will undergo yet another transformation. 

Ecco might be a recent addition to the Fox series but her storyline is certainly a curious one. Although she started out as Jeremiah Valeska's assistant, her character arc has started to resemble that of another DC character. So what are the chances that Ecco will go full Harley Quinn in the final season? Actress Francesca Root-Dodson has just shared a new photo of her makeup in the fifth season on her Instagram account. You be the judge on this one. 

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Full makeup look for Ecco fans ??? #Gotham

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The new look is definitely different from Ecco's previous alter ego known as Mummer. Root-Dodson has been regularly sharing glimpses at the obvious transformation but the new image might confirm that Ecco is officially becoming the TV version of Harley Quinn.

The possible debut of a new Harley isn't exactly the only big thing happening on Gotham next year. After all, the series seems determined to go out on a big, albeit crazy bang. It has already been confirmed that Shane West will portray DC comic book baddie Bane and that he will be breaking someone's back. It won't be Batman's spine but it's pretty close. We could also see Bruce Wayne ultimately becoming the Caped Crusader in the series finale considering that the show needs to end on a high note.

Find out if Ecco will become the new Harley Quinn when Gotham Season 5 premieres on Fox on January 3, 2019.

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