Magic: The Gathering Modern Decks Explained Badly in This Silly Video

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Writer/Streamer
August 30, 2019  11:34 AM


Magic: The Gathering's Modern format is incredibly diverse but if you're been playing Modern for a while, you're probably familiar with the format's popular archetypes like Dredge, Infect, Storm, and Tron. MTG video editor Syvantir has created a hilarious video making fun of those archtypes.

Check out the video he shared on Twitter: 

If you think about the flavor of their strategies, some of them are pretty ridiculous, and this video does a fantastic job illustrating that. The nearly 2-minute clip makes fun of decks like Infect, Seismic Swans, Affinity, Death's Shadow, Izzet Phoenix, Ponza (Land Destruction), Storm, Dredge, Bogles, Grishoalbrand, Hardened Scales, and Blue/White Control. 

If you know Modern, you'd know that these representations are accurate even though they're silly, but I'm surprised this video didn't include decks like Tron, Elves or Burn. I thought the Grishoalbrand and Ponza ones are the funniest, and the Bogles is weird but it illustrates the point. Hopefully, we see another video with the other archetypes not featured here. 

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