Watch: If Valorant Had an Anime Style Opening

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By Jake Vyper | More Articles MTG Content Creator
March 24, 2021  03:40 PM

Japanese anime shows are famous for their iconic openings thanks to their catchy music and well-directed animation styles, so it's not surprising to see YouTubers create their own take of blending popular non-anime titles with the look and feel of their cool intros. 

Riot's Valorant may not have its own official anime series at the moment, but YouTuber f0rk worked hard to create an anime style opening for the popular tactical shooter. Using the music Silhouette by KANA-BOON, this fan-made Valorant anime intro will surely unleash your inner-otaku. The video opens up with a quick introduction of familiar agents, and is followed by a look at the Naruto-style text for the game's title. The video is uses various footages from official cinematic trailers and gameplay highlighting the agents' powerful abilities in a spectacular way. 

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The South Korean-based agent Jett is pretty much an anime-style character, but it looks like Phoenix is the protagonist in this show. I would love to see an official Valorant Japanese anime series. After all, Valorant already launched anime-inspired weapon skins featuring Chibi versions of several agents.

Would you like to see a Valorant Japanese anime series in the near future? Let us know if you do in the comments section below. 

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